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QVL Quarryville Library "Teahouse" Book Club: Home

Enjoy a book and a cup of tea online with your friends


Online Book Club for Adults

 "Books are the plane, the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey.

They are home.”

Anna Quindlen, Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist




The Longwood Gardens Community Read 2021: 

The Home Place by J. Drew Lanham

From the fertile soils of love, land, identity, family, and race emerges The Home Place, a big-hearted, unforgettable memoir by ornithologist J. Drew Lanham.

"A beautifully rendered and deeply personal story of the complex geographies of home, and displacement. The Home Place is a deft examination of how we come to define ourselves in a world that, in turn, is relentlessly trying to define who we are—and how we can take those definitions over and make our own. The ghosts of the past are more than just reliquaries of loss and memory; they are resources of our history, our story, our flight through life." — Sierra Magazine

Click the "Longwood" tab above to read more about The Home Place and the Teahouse Read-alike: Mr. Owita's Guide to Gardening by Carol Wall. Copies of both books are available at the Quarryville Library - call (717) 786-1336 to place your copy on hold. 
Community Read Special Feature: Interactive Online Discussion. 
Your book loving friends can’t meet in person? Join with a group of friends & expand your own book club with us! To register to join the discussion, email You will then receive an email instructing you how to proceed. It’s very easy, and our LibGuides software creates a safe way to interact online with other book club members. 

Introducing Jack Naylor’s novel: McCammon

Jack puts together a puzzle, piece by piece, but without the aid of a picture on the box. You will be frustrated with the pieces that ought to fit but don’t, and with that one piece that seems to fit nowhere until it is the only piece left. You may have to step away for a while and come back to this story, like the characters themselves, only when your heart calls you back.

McCammon is a well-researched historical novel set in the wild prairies and mountainous panoramas of Utah, Idaho and Montana during the mid-1860s. Jack invites you to follow the adventures of Josh as he winds his way on horseback across in the wide open spaces and small settlements along the beautiful Marsh Valley in Southeast Idaho. What is Josh seeking? The saga now begins . . . Click the "McCammon" tab above.

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