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BKM Anti-Racism Resources: Introduction

A curated collection of Anti-racism resources


Racism is not new. The story of America is the story of slavery, of the Civil War fought over slavery, of Jim Crow oppression, of the Great Migration, of the Civil Rights Movement, followed by the War on Drugs and an on-going era of mass incarceration. The list of unarmed Black citizens murdered by those in power is long and growing still, spanning centuries. But that is just the very tip of the iceberg. Undergirding racist violence are attitudes, policies, and laws that act as reinforcing structures for such violence to erupt on a regular basis. This isn't something we will be able to fix with just a bulleted list of resources and recommended reading, but we hope that engaging with this collection of information, will be one step towards a more just society.. 

We at the Library System of Lancaster County stand with Black Americans and all people of color, and we hope that collecting and sharing these resources aids our country in the journey towards Liberty and Justice for ALL.

The resources listed here are by no means exhaustive. We intend to continue adding new links, new books, and new works as we become aware of them. Come back often and spend some time to self-educate about racism and what it means to be anti-racist. But, make no mistake, reading a book, watching videos, clicking on links and becoming more informed will not save a single life or prevent a single harm. For education to matter, voices must be raised and action must ensue if racial injustice is to be defeated and white supremacy is to be dismantled. 

What Do You Know About Yourself? Implicit Bias Tools and definitions

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